Is it normal for Monroe Piercings to have a long back?

I just got my monroe done and I totally trust the piercer but I was curious if anyone else has had a monroe done that stuck out about a centimeter from their face? I am scheduled to go in a month to have a shorter backing put on. Was hoping for a "daintier" length.


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  • Any good piercer puts a long bar in when its initially done to accommodate swelling. If its too short, it can imbed and cause issues.
    Yes, you'll have the bar short enough to have the jewelry flush to your face when its healed properly. And those tend to heal relatively fast

    • Oooh okay. I trust my piercer but his English is a bit broken and I think accommodating for swelling got lost in translation. I just couldn't think of a reason for it to be longer.
      I'm excited!

    • Good! The lip ones tend to heal easy. So hopefully you'll get to keep it that way: )

      When i had my high nostril piercings done, i had to deal with a year and a half of fluctuating post sizes. So i got to have fucking nose antlers for a long time.
      Finally they're nice.

    • Oh no! If it helps that's the cutest description of a long post I've heard in a while XD I thought about getting spider bites too but remembered that I get cold sores so that went out the window.

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