I'm interested in makeup, should I start wearing it?

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  • Yes!!! Definitely start wearing it if you feel like you're ready! I reccomend watching YouTube tutorials to help you get started. Some of my favorite beauty vloggers are Carli Bybel, Nazanin Kavari, Casey Holmes, Lauren Curtis, ItsMyRayeRaye, and KaushalBeauty! Best of luck :)

    • lol i wish i could give you TWO thumbs up! i love supportive women when it comes to things like this! <3

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    • If you're just starting off I suggest a face powder, brow pencil, mascara, and blush!

    • Ok☺️ I would love to learn how to do eyeshadow too but it looks so difficult

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, I definitely think so. Here's the thing about makeup -- when someone says that a girl is wearing "too much makeup", what they're really saying is that she did not apply makeup properly. If someone does their makeup well, it should make them look well-rested or healthy. It seems to me that these things should apply to males as well, that is, if you are truly skilled with makeup, you should be able to simply make yourself look better and no one will know you're wearing makeup.

    I don't think I have the artistic skills to pull it off, but if you're really interested in it, maybe you can?


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