(Females) You see a very cute guy, what do you want him to say to you?

Everyday, women and men see others of the opposite sex that they find attractive. In our society it is up to the male to initiate conversation, but most men don't know what to say and simply keep it moving, even though they find you as attractive as you find them.

Females, you see a cute guy and you both notice each other, what do you wish he would say to you?


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  • Well, before I go up to talk to the guy, I would look at him and see if there's anything to talk about. Say, like if they're wearing a band's t-shirt that you know, there's a starter. I just look for something that the guy's wearing or has in their hands to start off a conversation. & after that, just go with the flow.

  • I would like him to introduce himself.

    • The problem is what to say after that

    • Small talk. Talk about the place you're at, or ask her about her summer.

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