Why do girls these days dislike wearing belts with jeans to hold them in place?

Many jeans got tighter in the legs but the waist still stretches, I can't count how many times I've seen thongs peeking, and girls constantly pulling up their jeans. Just wear a freaking belt, that's why there is belt loops! It's supposed to be stylish too so I don't understand?
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  • I don't know, but it's stupid. :/ the only way that happens (and not to that extent) with me is if the loops are too small or I think I'm the beginning that they fit, but they don't and it's too late to go back and get a belt.

    • That's another great point, jeans now usually stretch out within a short amount of time, you think belts would be a must have accessory now because of this flaw. For loops that are small, there are skinny belts.

    • i know there are skinny belts, however, if the pants fit initially, I'm not going to think to buy a belt that is not needed and also only works on like 2 pairs of pants. although even if my pants slip, I'm not as bad as those people. I never show my underwear.

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  • I think some belts makes it kinda little Bulkier and It Looks Awkward When Wearing Tight or Fit Tops which Overlaps The Belt. front Bumb Covered By The Cloth is Funny

    • They can half tuck or front tuck to look stylish

    • There's That But It's Work and Control throughout The Day ain't

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  • I actually have a huge collection of belts for such occasions.

    • Really, just plain leather belts or fancy ones too?

    • A mixture of both.

    • It's nice to hear someone still does ☺️

  • I wear belt

  • Nope I i do not


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