Is she creeped out or???

Here's the skinny, I was sitting down at a bar having a beer and I noticed this waitress because at other times I've been there I've noticed her looking at me, a lot. Well fast forward a month to today (I only really go there once a week) she's there, but she did make some eye contact but was trying to make it look like she wasn't,if that makes sense. Well there was another waitress there,and just when I finished my beer I saw this girl turn her head and look at me,the best I can come up with is that they were talking about me. So I'm starting to think maybe they think I'm a creeper but the other staff there is friendly towards me and like I said I go there every weekend but I generally just keep to myself.


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  • you might be coming off as a stalker. try spreading out your visits to once a month. go to other bars. and if you continue to go to the same bar don't even try and catch her staring at you. just ignore her or call her when you need a drink. you might have blew this one if you were thinking about getting with her.

    • That's probably it, girls are weird man, I wasn't even trying to get with her, reason I looked at her was one: oh she's cute whatever, 2: there's that chick that keeps staring at me and acts weird hmm odd. Jesus can't a guy have a beer and lunch without some weird chick thinking he's a stalker. DAMN!!

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  • i don't think you gave them a reason to get creeped out, but just try saying hi next time you see her. maybe she thought you were cute.