Why does people point out my makeup? Girl asking this, advice?

Why does all girls act like they are not wearing makeup while they are actually wearing tons of makeup and then tries to point out my all points of makeup infront of the guys acting all like innocent when they are actually the ones who wear a lot. Today this pretty and popular popular (she wears a lot of makeup and copies mine make up look also) were trying to point out infront of all the girls and guys the fact that I wear makeup very loudly and smiling evil saying '' you (my name) are wearing...'' and I tried to stop her many times telling I don't have time for that but luckily the lessons started so she were not able to finish her sentences. What should I do for tomorrow if she tries again to scream loudly out and imply that I'm are hiding my face with makeup? Please some advice? :)

I need to wear makeup to hide my breakouts and lack of sleep dark eye circles and wear color on face because I lack the the natural flush of blood on my face because of anemia and mom tells me to do that since all girls in my school wears makeup a lot but still they teases and points out my makeup instead of pointing at each other. Why do they bully me and tries to lower my self esteem and tries to even points out my makeup infront of guys?


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  • In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. However, there are people who react negatively to it.


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  • makeup on men is not common. expect backlash.

    It seems like you're insecure about your face, perhaps look into treatment rather than cover up. maybe even go to a tanning salon, it helps acne too

    • I'm not a boy and I dislike tanning.

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