What do you wish girls knew about guys?

What do you wish girls knew about guys?


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  • Your wish, is my command...

    I wish girls knew that...

    -I appriciate you for being you.

    -I do think about kids, we just don't want to TALK about kids.

    -I will bit your hand off if you change the TV while I'm trying to watch football.

    -I think its cute, but annoying, when you try to talk in "sport" language.

    -I can't afford to cry in front of you.

    -If your my girl, you ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH. And there's not anyone who can convines me otherwise.

    -I want you ALL the time

    -I love the way you look when your mad.

    *Come one, I'll never tell you that...

    -You look hot when your hair looks f***ed up in the morning.

    -I want to marry a nice girl.


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  • Fellas, this is OBVISIOUSLY a trap.

    I'm just playin...

    I wish a girl knew that...

    -I want you to go away when I'm hanging with my boys.

    -I actually would appriciate it if you just come cuddle with me, even if I seemed annoyed.

    -I am not psycic!

    -Your brother p*sses me off.

    -I want to bang you in every room in the house, doggy style.

    *Actually, I take that back, you don't need to know that, yet anyway. I continue...

    -I would REALLY appriciate a sandwich or 2 when I come home from work.

    -You flirting with that guy does NOT bother me.

    -Your butt looks amazing cute...on my lap...

    You want me to continue? Because I will...

  • That I'm a great guy and would love for you to give me a chance.(Doesn't apply to all guys obviously.)


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