All really thick females who wear the Nike Tempo shorts, have you ever?

Have you ever been out in those and had a guy u know was trying to run game on u by ignoring ur legs/booty and how great u look in those so he could run game on u... but he can't because ur too thick and look great in em, so his eyes went down to ur upper legs/booty and his mouth just dropped... did u later on that day somewhere check urself out in the mirror in those, thinking about how easily u handled him, and which of these applies to what u did/thought at that moment u checked urself out later on, thinking about how u got him?
  • I don't wear those/I do, but haven't had a guy try that on me in em/I do and have, but aren't that thick/I do and have had that, but didn't check myself out later on after it happened
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  • Yeah. looked right at my upper legs in em, saw the stretchmarks, thought, "damn right, got him. too thick. perfect."
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  • Yeah. checked my booty, then upper legs, thought, damn, I love these shorts. he can't ignore that, haha."
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  • Yeah. checked my upper legs in em, saw the stretchmarks, thought, "damn I'm thick there! i loved his jaw drop, can't ignore that huh? :)"
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  • Yeah. checked my booty out in em, thought, "hmm, too big there, got him. Good!""
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  • Yeah. but i didn't think/do any of these
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  • I don't wear them


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