How often should a guy wash his hair?

How often should guys shampoo their hair? Online there is no one answer. I heard some say never, while some saying only when it gets oily. What is the recommendation?
Are two-in-one shampoo and conditioners ok for hair?
What about ones that say "daily use"?


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  • I thinks people in general speaking from both genders should shower two times a week. That means showering their whole body and washing their hair properly with shampoo. If you've long hair using a conditioner is also recommended. Showering more often isn't necessary except if you've a job where you gets a lot of dirt, sweat, blood or whatever at you where washing yourself everyday is the best thing to do and if you smells easily where showering helps you getting rid of the smell.


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  • Doesn't really matters if you have short hair. People with long hair have to be more careful because the tip of their hair is older and gets damaged more easily.
    I think rincing your hair with water every day and using shampoo every 2 days should be ok.


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