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The Freedom of the Wind

I feel its warm embrace surround me.

It blows tendrils of hair across my face,

As if to mask me from my undeniable destiny.

I close my eyes and breath

In the earthly scents of the

Delightful heavens.

I am Free.

I feel as if I can fly away and

Completely disappear.

I have no responsibilities,

No desires, except to be here on this hill,

Basking in the satisfying warmth,

With my hair flying around me,

As if each individual strand

Posses a will of its own.

I am myself without impression.

I am discharged from expectations.

I am liberated from the shackles of humanity.

I am as free as the wind that engulfs me.


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  • It sounds to me that you are having trouble coping with the nitty-gritty of the ugly real world, so you indulge in ephemeral phantasies of liberation and freedom. That's OK -- for a time.

    • I wrote it during art, it was after my cousin died last year. she was only 51 days old.

    • Christ almighty -- sounds like a merciful death to me. 51 days in this planet is about 51 days too long. Not really... but what can you do. Unwell babies die, just like the rest of us.

    • I know but it was still hard

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