What is wrong with men's style nowadays?

I thought I'd browse the internet and look up some styles since I thought I'd give style a chance since I don't care about it and I'm going back to college in a couple of days, I browse and I am already face palming, What is with the pant's being a little short, What is with The jackets with sweatpants, WHAT is with the goddamn handbags I swear to god, AND what is with the tight fit jeans and outfits I swear I can't find anything that isn't regular fit pair of pants it's all about skinny I hate 2017 style it's frustrating,(Note I am not skinny, but not fat I got muscle but my legs are huge I can't wear skinny pants also I got a woman asking me one time am I gay cause I was wearing skinny pants) Can anyone give me some type of advice on what I can do to dress good or tell me why most the shit you find through google looks good


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  • I feel like you were looking at a lot of places that might have been considered "high end fashion". I've check out some of these places websites/stores and honestly felt the same way as you. I think if you avoid those types of places you'll find things you like but it is sad how a lot of what is in "style" for today is highly dependent on whatever these high end stores come up with

    • Yup Couldn't agree more nowadays everything needs to be a tight fit or short to be considered stylish I missed the late 90's or 2000's styles sadly those styles died I'd prefer the past than the present honestly

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  • People have different tastes and fashion trends change from year to year, so don't worry about what's trendy. The most important thing is that your clothing looks good, suits you and is something you likes. I don't like skinny pants and man bags either. The things that's important to make an outfit look good is that it fits your body which means it's not too tight or loose/baggy, the colors fits together and you uses some accessories without using too many. Less is more. A watch can improve some outfits. "Alpha. m" and "Teachingmensfashion" is two people on YouTube who gives fashion advice to men.

    Black, white, gray and blue is colors that looks good in men's clothing. Other colors like red, orange, green, yellow, some brown colors, violet etc. only suits some few people and it's individual. But I won't recommend you going full rainbow since that looks too feminine and immature in my opinion. Graphic t-shirts and some patterns also gives a non-serious immature look.

    This is outfits that would look good at many men:
    - White or gray t-shirt, blue denim jeans, black or white socks, Black, brown or white shoes. A clock, sunglasses and a leather jacket may look good to some outfits. A black leather jacket looks good to a white t-shirt/shirt, blue denim jeans and brown shoes for example.

    - A denim shirt looks good to black pants and white or brown shoes.

    - A light blue shirt looks good to black or dark blue pants. I don't recommend khaki since it makes many men look older than their age.

    - A white shirt looks good to both blue denim jeans, black casual jeans and black suit pants depending on how formal or casual look you wants.

    - Dark blue shirt, white/light blue pants and a black jacket also looks good on some men.

    - White t-shirt, black pants and white shoes is something many suits.

    • In clothing shops it exists clothing in different shapes, size and colors. So you don't need to buy skinny jeans if you don't like them.

  • I agreed on everything but skinny jeans i rock them not too tight but fitting in the legs tucked into timberlands or hightop sneakers other than that I don't get it either

  • I don't know what to tell you brother. I feel the same way. I can't stand the new "style" now. I stick to button downs and dress slacks. but im in banking so kinda have to lol

    • Yup, I can respect your style, As for me it's either whatever jeans I got left that fit, My sweats, And whatever T Shirt's I got and my workout shirts, I guess you can say I got the baggy look or the old man type style but i will gladly stick to it

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