He keeps looking away every time he sees me

Hey I asked this question here like a week ago. There's a guy at work who's really cute but he looks down every single time I try to say hi to him. So I asked for advise and some very nice people told me to make smile and just go there and talk to him. I didn't get a chance tho! He's really a closed door! He sees me and immediately looks away. It's embarrassing.

It's just weird because he says hi to other people. He's obviously a shy guy, but to me he's more. I wonder if he got a bad first impression of me because I'm pretty quiet.

When he started working with us, there was a lecture and he didn't hear something so he asked me what the guy said. I answered, and that was pretty much it. I didn't try to continue the conversation because it would be rude and I didn't really know what to say. And then we got the elevator together and I kept thinking of things to say and I got nervous and just didn't say anything. He didn't say anythign either. Maybe he thought I was snobbish and that's why he doesn't say hi to me now?

So what can I do? Should I just give up?


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  • When a guy acts like you're just the same as everyone else, he doesn't like you. When he acts like this, treating you different than everyone else, he either likes you or hates you. In your case, I'm pretty sure he likes you.

    • Yeah there is no reason for him to hate me... maybe he absolutely doesn't mind me. or he`s gay! haha

  • I don't think he thinks your snobbish. I think that you shouldnt give up. I really believe that he likes you. Starring and then looking down is the sign of a guy who is into you but he just doesn't know how to go about talking to you or asking you out. So I think you should maybe start a conversation like just saying hi or asking how is he , so that he can warm up to you and break out of his shell.

    Dont give up

    Things like this happen for a reason