How to even skin tone?

I'm looking for ways to help get my face to look like one smooth color. My skin is red and splotchy and I'd prefer not to use makeup.


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  • There are skin evening BB Creams that are very good for your skin and are lighter than foundation or something. I'd look into face masks and wear sunscreen or a cream that contains sunscreen, a lot of the time splotchy skin is due to sun sensitivity.

  • There are lotions you can get to aid discolouration. However, a lot of these lotions or creams can cause dry skin, flakey skin, and uncomfortable tightness at times. I'd recommend only using those products if you absolutely have to.
    There are ways to treat discolouration of the face naturally, that are just as efficient and they don't leave your skin full of chemicals or grant you unwanted side effects either.

    I have heard a few good things about using lemon on your face. It's supposed to lighten any darker areas (do not use close to your eyes) and help reduce redness of patchy skin too. I use lemon a few times a month on my skin, I take either a couple sliced of and mush it up in a small bowl, adding some sugar to make a paste. I will scrub my face with this. It's wondefully refreshing and lifts off all the dead, dry skin among my face.
    Plus its great smelling, and easy to wash off.

    Castor oil is another great alternative. Apply this to the areas you want corrected twice each day, and you will start seeing results in your skin within a week or two.

    I have a friend who uses coconut oil (pure) and small flaked oatmeal for a mask. She mixes it wish a bit of brown sugar so it's an exfoliant. Exfoliants are great for removing dead skin and lifting layer from your skin, revealing soft, smooth, less red tone skin underneath.
    Cuecumber masks and charcoal masks could benefit you too. Both draw out extra oils and toxins from the skin (can cause discolouration) but it'll take a bit of time before you notice a true difference. Give it 1-3 weeks using these masks.

    Finally, try to change your eating habits. Encorporate more water, natural fruits / veggies into your diet. A lot of skin issues can come from what we eat, so take time to rejuvinate your food diary and give yourself some added vitamins and minerals. It'll not only benefit your overall health, but your skin will glow and become wonderful from it too!


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