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My friend recently got a new hairstyle. She was really excited and she loved it so much. But the thing is, It looks sort of dumb. I can't tell her that, so I said I loved it. But I am sort of embarrassed to be seen with her. I know I am an awful person, and I feel guilty for saying this. Please help. I tried to sed her links of other hairstyles that I thought would look good on her, but she said she loves her hair now. What do I do? Or at least how can I not feel embarrassed?


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  • Hmm.are you insecure? It sounds like your friend has different taste than you and doesn't

    mind respecting it. I think that you should do the same. Remember this is your friend and

    as a friend you should want to support her dreams, etc., whether or not it is YOUR TASTE.

    Now if this was something dangerous, you would be expected, demanded to step in.

    Keep your cool and stop being insecure.

    Maybe you just need to find a new hobby and some more friends. Of course, keeping her,

    but you wouldn't be hanging out with her as much.

    Good Luck!

  • You just need to remember that not everyone has to be like you, that not everyone has to find the same things appealing as you, that not everyone has to like the same hairstyle as you. You just need to remember, REALLY remember, that she is your FRIEND, and that there is more to her than her hair. You just have to take a step back and remind yourself that other peoples opinion of your friends hair doesn't need bother you. If your friend is happy with the style than you should be okay with that, just as she is with your hair.

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