Why do people settle for being ugly?

We like to think looks aren't everything but if were being honest with ourselves they are very crustal, being good looking will make your life easier in love and success. Looking good really isn't that hard, dress good, smell good, eat good, exercise daily, keep good hygiene, etc. but yet so many people are fine just being average? why? do they not realize how easy it is.. (if ur financially capable whats ur excuse?)


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  • You do know that 60% of the thing you mentioned don't necessarily make you look better than average.

    It's one thing to keep a healthy body, but you're not gonna go Super-Model from just training and eating good.

    There's also the issue of wearing comfy clothes instead of Fashionnable ones.
    I want to feel good in what I wear, not be an appetizer for everyone around.
    It just so happen that the style of clothing that does 50/50 on that is considered Average.

    You can't fix your facial features with any of the above, an average person with an average body will not look overly better from just doing so.
    He'll just be... Average clean/healthy.

    Now mind you, your argument would actually work if you were comparing lazy people to average ones, but you're comparing the average healthy person with good looking ones.

    The average is the norm while good looking peoples simply have neat'er features that can't necessarily be changed by what you've mentioned above.


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  • Simply put, they don't care. Looks really aren't everything to some people. It doesn't matter what they look like as long as they have a good heart and are enjoying life.


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  • Jesus said come as you are.

  • They do not consider it important/it is way too time-consuming.


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