Was I right to do this?

My girlfriend and I are sort of on the fritz right now. She thinks I was wrong to do something when really I was right and she was just overreacting. So in spite of this, I wanted to get out and flirt with other girls again. My girlfriend does not think talking or looking at other girls is cheating just as long as I'm not doing anything physical with them. I was working today, and this girl who I thought looked like a friend of mines cousin, walked in wearing a really cute outfit. She smiled at me, and I did the same I also said hi as well. I then walked over to her and I said "pardon me but do you know so and so" she said "no". Then I just simply said OK, thanks and walked away. As she was walking out the door I complimented her shoes saying those are "interesting" shoes. They looked like something Egyptians wore.

My question is was I right to do this, seeing as how my girlfriend and I aren't doing too well right now, or should I have kept my mouth shut?


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  • What do you want?

    If you want a relationship with your girlfriend then stop flirting with other girls and work on your relationship.

    If you want to flirt and more with other girls then end your relationship and focus on being single.


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  • I'll be honest with you...

    Some guys DO turn on the charm when speaking to other women, even if they ARE in a lovely relationship. I don't mean obvisious flirting, but alittle charm. That is of course the case unless his lady is right there, then he'll keep his mouth shut.

    But if your on the fritz with your girl, and you care about her, maybe you should tone down the charm around other women.

    This might sound jerkish, but its me and my opinion.

  • How do you think your girlfriend would have felt about this exchange?