I have never had a boyfriend any advice?

I'm approx.. 5'5 110 lbs

medium - long brown hair

brown eyes

please any advice would be appreciated
PS I'm only 16 lol I can't figure out how to change the age


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  • Me either.

    Not really anyway.

    But eh - our time will come.

    Plus - your height, weight and hair ain't really that important.

    I think - if it's that much of an issue for you - and you want to do something to change it - you can only do that actively. By putting yourself out there. Approaching guys. Talking to them, getting to know them. Flirting with them. Don't just sit around waiting for something to happen - if you want it - seek it.

    • Thx any tips onn flirting that won't turn guys off

    • Flirting can be anything really; from the type of conversation you're having to touching each other - hugging, playful contact etc.

      I think eye contact is important.

      Close proximity - but not scarily so.

      I'm not great at flirting - I only tend to do it overtly when I'm drunk lol.

    • Thanks lol

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  • That's not nearly enough info to help you out.

    • What other info would be helpful?

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    • Well I'm not a tomboy and I'm not a goofy girley girl either I enjoy 4 wheelers football games movies swimming shopping and haning out with my friends I am a Christian and attend church. I live in a fairly small town and am not currently working .Guys don't really approach me I have liked several guys but nothing has ever worked out for me . Yes I am nervous and shy but not stuck up.

    • Any advice?

  • Where's your pic? Are you outgoing? Shy?

    • I don't have any pics yet. I am a shy person but I do my best to be polite helpful and outgoing.

    • Well if you have a pic, you should upload it somewhere. Because there are small little things that girls can do that can make them from a 4 or 5 to a 7 or 8

  • Do you talk to guys?

    • Sometimes I'm home schooled and all the guys my age at church already have girlfriends .

    • Hmm. I'm not very good at advice for this. I've never had a girlfriend. I guess just keep trying and talking to guys. You'll find someone.

  • I've never had a girlfriend, lets hook up on common ground


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  • Hey!

    My advice for you is just to be yourself and not be ashamed of it. Your time will come I promise. Mr. Right will come walkin through the door real soon. Just don't be afraid of who you are. I was. It really screwed me over. I used to pretend I was something I'm not and it got me no where. I am a total tomboy and a hick. I hid it for the longest time. Turns out if you show yourself you catch peoples attention and interest. And you will find someone that's right for you. Just approach and be yourself sweetie.