Am I Ugly

I just flat out need an answer.

On the inside I never feel beautiful.

My mom always tells me I am a beautiful girl. I need to learn to like myself. The truth is that I have no Self esteem. I try so hard to be friendly and nice.

My style is a little different but I don't get why the boys don't like me. I have never gotten to know how it feels to be asked out.

I am not an geek. I guess I am what you call a punk goth girl. tall and skinny but never feel pretty

will you tell me what's wrong?


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  • I picture might help. But really, don't worry about this nonsense in high school.

    High school is way too goofy. For one, guys don't know what they want while in high school. All they know is that they want to be cool, but they don't want to try stuff. It takes one person falling on their proverbial face, and then the rest follow like lemmings.

    Get what I mean?

    So don't be concerned with not being asked out, truth be told you are probably avoiding a lot of garbage that some of us would have been better off avoiding back then.

    And you are pretty, and there is a right guy for you out there. For sure, mark my words. You just keep walking tall, and not paying attention to the bull butter getting sprayed up and down the hallways.

    Best Wishes!

    • Not a bad answer man....... Totally agree 100%.... Screw what anyone else thinks! That's what my attitude is like in high school and it totally works trust me...

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  • hmm. I suppose you just haven't met the right guy yet hun.

    and plus everyone has thier own beauty even if they don't feel it, so don't tell yourself something like "im not pretty".

    and you know what?

    dont ever say that your not a geek, because me? I say I'm the biggest geek and nerd in the world!

    but I'm proud of it.

    you need confidence in yourself that's the key...if you um like need help or want someone to talk to you can email me or if have a myspace I would enjoy talking to you.

    bye hun,


    (wana know what's funny? I was just bored and wanted to look up random stuff on the internet then I found this =] )

  • Punk rock aye? I'm totally feelin' it . you still single? :P

  • the punk goth part


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  • First of all, we are all pretty, handsome, good looking, etc. By this I mean we all have something to contribute. Yeah, not all of us are models, etc., but that doesn't mean we don't

    deserve attention, etc.,

    Now it is time for you to get some self-esteem. Forget high school. These are your years.

    Develop whatever it is that you like to do. Find out who you are. Some community colleges

    will let you start out there, whether adult(leisure)or vocational. Check it out. As you develop

    so will who you attract. It just might be they are waiting for you!

    As far as punk/goth girl. Don't know what you mean. I really don't think you are a punk, because you don't come across as a trouble maker and don't see you as a goth person as

    you don't feel comfortable to list a true identity that would envelope you as dark.

    Good Luck!

  • You can get all the people in the world to tell you you are pretty and you would probably still be unhappy. The truth you have to look inside yourself to find your true happiness. I do understand that you may think you have some flaws but who doesn't think that! No one is perfect and you should accept what you have if that the problem. Besides you can help yourself feel better by choosing a part of you body (ex. I love my arms they are cute---even if your arms are flabie, who cares), stand in front of a mirror a say to yourself "I AM BEAUTIFUL, BECAUSE I AM ME" You know your looks don't matter and if you feel that your personality isn't what you would like it to be, you can work on it. Try new hobbies, go out there and try things that make you happy, like a club at school, sports, art, music, etc. not drugs! you may even find someone. You probably are a beautiful girl, look around, what woman isn't, sometimes it just takes some time to see that.

  • I need a picture to give you an honest opinion rather then any wishy-woshy answers.

  • You should post a link to a picture of yourself so we can answer your question, love. I'm sure you are beautiful though. No frets.

    • If you're talking about physically ugly then a pic is needed. I think most here are talkiing inner beauty, that is what counts. Unfortunately I don't hink most get past looking at a person's physical looks to find out if their is inner beauty. People with physical beauty don't have much to worry about, at least it gets them in the door - then it's up to their inner beauty. Those without physical beauty usually don't get that chance. A gauge for outter beauty go hotornot dot com

  • We can't tell unless there is a pic.

  • You probably are not ugly, but I think your style may be intimidating guys. When I was in high school, punk rock girls usually only attracted other punk rock boys.

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