Why do girls and guys must do this?

It's like a chain reaction in my opinion. If someone post a picture asking what would they rate them because they are very self conscious of their body, someone else will do it, and the process keeps going on and on. Than you have girls that are in their bras and underwear posing in front of a camera as if they are a movie star asking if they have a good body.

My question is why do people have to post and ask how others would rate them? You don't even know the people personally *face to face for the majority of the people on this site* so why should others opinions who you don't even know madder to you?


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  • There is safety with anonymity. And with that comes the capacity to be brutally honest. Which is why the opinion of strangers is more appreciated than the opinion of friends or enemies. You get what you believe to be the truth. What has a stranger got to lose by offering an opinion? Nothing.

    Unfortunately, there are many internet strangers out there that use that very opportunity to express their own unhappiness - so you only get the truth filtered by whatever judgments the answerer is predisposed to. Which isn't exactly the "truth" but an opinion that can be influenced by numerous things the question asker doesn't even take into account.

    But it's better than hearing your mother tell you daily that you are beautiful, or your boyfriend claiming you're hot - they have more reason to be biased than a stranger. And that biased opinion does not good when trying to improve.

    I don't think it's pathetic; there are some who are looking for an honest opinion while others are grasping for straws to elevate their self esteem. The former has the desire to improve, while the latter is just sad. Not pitying sad, but sad in the sense that there is something that is keeping them from believing they are worthy.

    Not everyone has the capability to be happy with what they have. I don't believe in knocking down someone who is already on their way down. If people want opinions of strangers - why is that so terrible? And if there are those that are looking for attention - what's wrong with that? Sadly, there are those in this world who feel some attention is better than none. Fishing for compliments is just a cry for help.


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  • It's in our nature to want to be liked and attractive to others. Some people just need it more than others. I'm with you, I don't see the need for it.

  • They are just fishing for compliments ... if some no life guy tells a girl she looks hot half naked (which, to a guy, most girls do) then the girl feels satisfied and thinks she is beautiful because someone said she is ... its stupid really but then again its not uncommon

  • Low self-opinion.

    Needing attention from others.

    Or, ``showing off''.

    None of the above is good.


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