Why are girls so picky about the guys they date?

I mean good grief. I think its so funny that girls always think they get pressured into having the *super model* look when in all honesty...guys just wanna f***. We, us men, are the ones who have to look good to get girls these days.

I mean I read so many questions about what girls *prefer* about guys in terms of our appearance, level of humor and charm, and even how good at sex we are and its all just plain bullsh*t.

Why complain if we don't have muscles? Why complain if we aren't good at sex? Just be f***in lucky you have a guy willing to stand you in the first place.

This is why there are so many single people out there these days. Every girl wants the *prince charming*. What's so bad about being with a Napoleon Dynamite?


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  • "when in all honesty...guys just wanna f***"

    ^^ This is exactly why I won't date guys like you. That one statement alone lets me know that you don't care about me. You don't care about my interests, dislikes, my hobbies, my dreams, my life. All you care about is f***ing.

    "Just be f***in lucky you have a guy willing to stand you in the first place. "

    You have got to be kidding me. You should consider yourself lucky if a girl gives you a second look. No wonder no one wants you. I'm not at all surprised.

    You're f***ing ridiculous

    • Protip: thinking you're hot sh*t and someone else has to prove themselves to you guarantees you'll be in bad relationships, regardless of your gender

    • For us nice to good guys, we have the money to bring any kinda girl including you good girls to give head in under $300. I tried this once ... I went bar hopping and asked normal girls that say we're here just to have fun with friends, and I hit up girls in shopping centers. I told them I'm doing a phootshoot or making some videos and can pay as much as $100 - $700 (98% agreed) maybe tht 2% were having periods and they had sugar daddy's paying them to do that already. We know who you are, V Know

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  • Because they'd rather be alone that with some guys who "just wanna f*ck". They complain because it allows them vent their frustration. Not to give desperate guys an excuse to try to convince them to settle for less.

    Why is that so hard to understand?

    Oh, because you can't get laid. Too bad for you ...

    • Getting laid is as easy as $60. And the best of the best is $200.

      But you what we know you b*tc*s lie all the time. You say we don't want just S#x and bullsh*t, while in your crazy minds your all fantasizing about those big, ugly bad ass guys that r@pe you. We know it all.

      We have given unchecked power to you girls. Women's liberalization was not needed, it's just too much power into wrong hands. You can enjoy your freedom and liberalization while it lasts because sooner or later .. you are fekked

  • Well I think we should start off by saying that you, sir, are mistaken from your premise. You initially say that girls are picky about who they "Date", when in reality you're not willing to date. I think you're the one aiming too high. Look at your average liberal arts college slut, she'll put on heels a skirt that won't cover her ass and a shirt with deep cleavage on with 26 degrees outside to get some on a Friday night at a mediocre open house party, or will throw herself at a group of frat boys to get some D***. She doesn't want to date you, so you two will be on the same level of "just wanna f***". Now if you're gonna try and get into some decent girl's pants on a regular basis, good luck with that, 'cause you're gonna have to try a little harder. That's what dating is about.

  • Guys have high expectations of girls...if that wasn't true,breast implants,lip injections,butt implants,labiaplasty,mons pubis reduction would not exist.

    You wouldn't want to be with a girl who is bad in bed...perhaps your problem is that you're selfish.You're probably bad in bed yourself,half assed work in bed,probably expect Megan Fox

  • your question is just steaming with bitterness.

    Whatever happened to you, I'm sorry.

    • Fekking b*tc*s nothing happened to this asker guy. It's you ****s putting men vs men. Pleaying through your viles ..disturbing harmony and making Bad dictate over GOOD. Yes you will be sorry soon BECAUSE genius minds like mine have ways to get you b*tc*s back to were you belong ... bedrooms and kitchen! Wait and Watch!

  • I would never date a guy that only wants sex! there's your problem. Girls want more then just sex in a relationship. Firstly the guy would have to have things in common with me, simular interests, hobbies ect, have simular goals in life to me. I would also have to find him attractive, he wouldn't have to be hot enough to be a model, because in reality I'm not either. But I would at least want someone who takes care of themself (tryes to look their best) and takes care of their health (dosnt live on junk food)

    Dating someone is not just about sex! if that's what you want, go get yourself a blow up doll! woman are not toys, and you should treat them with respect.

    I would rather go alone then have someone like you! sex isn't everything.


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  • Wow, you sound like a jerk. I'm not saying you have to put girls up on a pedestal, but you don't have to be a pig either. Girls don't need you to have muscles or all that stuff, but you need to put in effort. doesn't mean we have to be millionaires with six packs. Just actually try and be nice without being too nice or too mean. Also have you ever thought that girls feel this same way. Maybe you should think about that.

  • Girls know that they can always rely upon their BATTERY-OPERATED BOYFRIEND so we males just are not as needed anymore.

    Myself I am not too concerned with females and their demands about 'physical attraction' as I am a pretty good looking guy (rate myself as 7 to 7.5) but females also have INSANE expectation levels about what type of employment and money a male should have (only date lawyers, doctors, etc., must make six figures a year, etc.,) It is so no small wonder a great many men consider women to be prostitutes in all but name only.