How do I show him I'm a down to earth, no drama girl?

I work on a farm in dirty jeans, boots and plain clothes...i love my job I love the outdoors. but if I go out on a date I'm going to dress up in heels and do my hair and makeup and stuff...nothing over the top just polished. a hand full of men have told me they get the impression I'm high maintenance before they even know me...what should I do differently if I doing anything wrong at all?


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  • Hi =)

    Mini intro:

    I am the type who likes down to earth. It's the best type of girl existing in the Universe. So definitely never change!

    The Answer:

    Well, first of all, it depends who you are dating. If it's the typical dumb jock, high maintenance is their aim. But if it's just the usual decent down to earth sincere guy, just be yourself.

    But who am I?

    Well, I'm not telling you to go in your dirty jeans. But if you don't ever put make up on in general, why put loads on for a date? Some girls I know just looks like they grabbed a bit of muck and soiled it on their face. A wee bit of eyeliner, some neutralish lipstick just to make your lips come out a little bit. Lipstick that is usually the same colour as your lips but that just make them nicer looking. Nothing too dark or pale.

    And if you are tall already, perhaps loose the high heels. A tall girl wearing high heels does give the impression of high maintenance. Girls who are very small and need to wear heals to be a bit taller are OK as we understand it makes them feel better. =)

    Hair-wise, just leave your natural long beautiful hair fall on your shoulders. Why attach it? why straighten it? why do crazy things with it. If you are naturally straight hair, leave it that way. Naturally curly? leave it that way. Obviously you can use products that will enhance the curls etc.. but only if its already naturally like that. Nothing sillier than straightening curly hair or curling straight hair if it suits you in the first place.

    Just don't overdoo it! As long as you don't feel overdone and out of personality when you do yourself up... you are perfect for your date!

    • I honestly don't think I over do it...i always leave my hair down and just put minimal makeup on...i am tall but I like wearing heels with a nice out fit. but they still tell me I "look" high maitenence. I don't know what it is. I'm not a shallow person or some bimbo but this keeps happening.

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    • No I work a lot and go to school...ive met all the guys at my university. and I just wear eyeliner and mascara..i don't own anything else haha

    • Even talking to you through this website,you don't seem high maintenance.You seem as down to earth as can be. At the end of the day,you said that they get the "impression" of hight maintenance. If you meet someone who genuinely likes you, he won't care about that. He will know you enough to care for you as a person.The old and wisest say "don't judge a book by it's cover. Maybe that's their mistake and maybe your so naturally pretty their wee brains get confused that a girl can be so genuine! =)

  • Girl's that say there no drama...are the one's who cause it. So instead of phrasing it that way, just be easy going, listen and relate to the things that you have in common with him.


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