Why girls dye their hair into crazy colors like sky blue, green, purple, etc?

Not trying to offend anyone, but majority of them look like freaks.


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  • I must be of the minority that looked fabulous with purple hair then~


    Of course everyone has different reasons for why they do it. Some thinks it's fun, and for those kinda people it usually becomes a regular thing they do. Some might want to finally change it up after having the same hair since forever. Some might be doing it to challenge themselves out of their comfort zones. Or maybe for some, they do it simply because it looks nice. The possibilities are endless. And while of course there are those who just follow the trend or copy their fav celebrities, hair color to them is just one of the dozen things they follow along like a sheep anyway.

    For me, it was sorta something to tick off that bucket list, something I just wanted to do at least once in my life. Never could do it while I was in school and probably never can do it again when I finally have to work, so I took the chance now that I'm still on a break. And yeah, I didn't want to look like a "freak" and stand out too much, so I went with a very dark purple that only showed under bright lights and otherwise just looked black. I knew purple would look ok on me - wouldn't have done it if I didn't think it would, but it seriously came out looking better than expected, and even my old-fashioned dad who hates even just vivid pink lip colors admitted that it suited me really well. The color sadly only lasted for a few weeks and my hair's now left with this ugly brown, but damn it I had to have my hair bleached for that, so I might as well dye it again and make the most out of it while I can.

    • True, looking same all the time is boring, people need some change in their life. But even if we leave out rainbow colors, there are thousands combinations with natural colors, which girls can use to express. Agree on the sheep part xD
      I just didn't get part about leaving your comfort zone, why would someone do that?

      Is that you on the picture? I don't know about purple, but you look stunning (not kidding). Based on that, you have better chance to look good regardless the hair color. Very dark purple that varies on the light, I must that's subtle and adds mysterious note, sounds very nice to me.
      And for being old-fashioned, it's no brainer really, what looked nice before, looks nice today. Classy look is timeless.

    • Why limit yourself though? If you don't have any rules to conform to and you're gonna do it anyway, then why not go all out?

      It's just another way to push yourself, getting over fears of trying something new.

      Why thank you. And subtle is what I was going for, yep. Very loud colors can look pretty tacky, especially on my skin tone.

      ... But I was talking about how my dad liked the purple hair on me despite being old-fashioned. X)

    • Well that's deep... Basicly trying to get beyond your limits and getting a new transformation. It's like Goku from Dragon Ball anime, if you get the reference xD
      Based on what you told me, I can say I agree with your dad (I'm old fashioned myself)

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  • As a professional hair stylist I can say that girls change their hair color almost just as often as they change their clothes. It's a form of self expression. Same as piercings, tattoos etc. It's okay to change your look as you evolve as a person. It's okay to not want to look the same as you did a year ago. It helps us grow. Just let people enjoy things and be themselves without making them feel like a freak.

    • Hope you can answer me this - are there clients of yours that still want classical beauty like brunette with wavy/curly hair or long blond hair? And for demographics I ask about girls in their 20s and 30s. Nope wouldn't call them freaks biased on hair color, I just happened to knew a few of those who's personality matches with strange colors choices. Also if I may add, girls who don't dye hair that way, call those who do even worse names than freaks based on what I heard and saw. I think that's because those groups have different interests and views on life generally speaking.

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    • I know you'd love for me to say that the majority of people that come into the shop want natural classic colors, but It's 50/50. I'm not sure at what point you turned this into an argument and got so defensive, but I was pretty sure we were exclusively talking about appearances. All I meant was that just because you, and the people you surround yourself with, aren't as adventurous with their hair color choices. That doesn't mean should make people who are, feel bad about themselves. That was my only point, calm your tits.

    • Well shockingly to you, I would like more it's 70/30 in favor of either of those two groups. Hell give me 99/1 in favor of rainbow colors, it's easier to spot some of red flags amongst them. 50/50 is the worst possible outcome, because this is just another thing that's polarizing society on a global scale.
      I merely said that I observed people's opinions on that subject I quote myself "girls who don't dye hair that way, call those who do even worse names than freaks" and you called me judgmental and how I don't have open mind?
      Isn't all the point of this site to ask questions and get answers in order to better understand some people and their behavior? And you telling me quote "just accept it and don't question it". That's pretty defensive from you for no reason, I didn't attack first neither you or anyone on this topic or in RL.

  • Meh, it's fun! My hair is currently mostly my natural blonde colour and part dyed green (though honestly, the green has mostly leeched out by now, so I need to get some more dye), and sure, I'm aware most people think it looks bad. That doesn't really bother me, I enjoy the colours and it makes me happy so that's why I do it.

  • Part of my hear is blue right now. I work hard on it and I like how it looks, but I don't expect everyone to like it. It's one of those things.

    • Mature answer with feet on the ground, I appreciate that. Maybe thats one way of eliminating people who won't be around you because of that - it happens.

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    • I guess I should have specified politically/socially progressive. But yes, I agree. And thanks!

    • Yeah I understand what you mean by that. Political and social progress will go up or down (matter or perspective), key thing is to adopt with surroundings at given moment.

  • Because they want to, because they think it looks nice, because it's fun, because they want a change

    • Yeah I get that, they think it's nice. I could also think that mohawk hairstyle would look nice on me, but reality check says that I would look ridiculous with it (to myself). I agree that change is good sometimes, cuz it's boring to have one hairstyle all the time, even for boys, not to mention girls.

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    • Sure that makes sense, maybe some people have to fail just to know that something isn't how they imagined. Thank you for clearing this up. Cheers!

    • You're Welcome!

  • They do it maybe to match their personality or personal style, they want to follow a certain trend, they're inspired by a certain fictional character, look wise they want to make a statement ( just like in an outfit sometimes you have what we call a statement piece, or the piece stands out the most), ... etc, there are several reasons why girls dye their hair unnatural colors. In my pre teens, I went through a phase were I thought anyone with an unnatural hair color was cool. When I was in 5th grade, there was a girl in high school who had pink highlights and I wanted to be like her. A year later I got myself pink hair extensions, and I finally felt like I was one of the cool kids. My love for fantasy hair colors eventually disappeared as I got older. I began to think they're hard to turn out good and they kind of look tacky. Now I don't really think unnatural colors are bad, in the contrary I think they're nice to look at... on the internet or magazines as something artistic. I would not get a fantasy hair color on myself, because why would I get one when there are natural hair colors that are vibrant too, and not plain looking at all. I'm referring to platinum blond and ginger, they're natural yet very bold. If I want to have a bright hair color someday I would go for a fiery ginger, it's close to my natural hair color, so I won't even go through much damage.

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