Girls, Brazilian waxing?

hello women. I am fat and hairy. Brazilian waxing is new to me. I buy the can of wax and do it my self. Who has advice to not getting bumps, and keep my skin smooth? In addition I have noticed that the wax in the can dries up after five minutes, it hardens. I cook it in order for it to be liquid again.


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  • If you've never waxed before don't do it yourself for the first time. There are specific directions you need to pull for each area to minimise skin trauma which will help with the bumps. Exfoliating before hair removal and keeping the area lightly moisturised but dry afterwards.
    Hard wax should be kept in a wax warmer, if you're doing larger areas strip wax is better (soft wax and a cloth strip).
    If you're prone to a bit of skin lifting rubbing a small amount of baby powder very well in to the skin and wiping off the excess helps it grip only the hair


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