Could He Like Me?

this guy I barely know found out that I have a crush on him. we never really talked before and we haven't started since he found out. I told him (online) that I want to talk and get to know him next time we saw each other.

but when I saw him next I just didn't know what to say. and he never approached me to say anything (though I was told he was shy).

we were at the same place for hours and never said more than a few words. but every time I looked at him, he just looked right back at me. dead in the eyes until one of us look away and sometimes we'd just smile.

could he like me at all?


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  • Maybe, if he is shy it will take a while to get to know him...


What Girls Said 1

  • possibly. eye contact is always good. It sounds ike your both flirting and getting somewhat of a response but then again you can't base an interest in a mere smile(though it makes your stomach flutter) I'd make a more obvious attempt to see what he'll do next