I'm short male and I can't deny depression thinks. I want to have a confidence. What should I do?

I'm 18 and short male.
I didn't feel short or some bad thing before.
Because I graduated boys highschool. So I didn't care about girls much. And there were some guys who shorter than me.
It gave me some confidence.

I entered univsersity at march.
But I started to feel strange.
Almost guys taller than me.
This makes me annoyed.
Always I should look up to talk.
It give me feel a dwarf, sad.

I don't know girls how to think of me, well.. I guess not good.

Honestly.. Girls sight is not important for me.

I just want to be like other males..
Nice fit.. long legs..
Talking at equivalent position.. vertically..
Be treat like adult...

Somewhere.. someone ask me, like this. "what's ur highschool? Are u 16? 17?"
Omg I really don't like it.

And my younger brother catched me.
He is 15 and 171cm. And will be taller more.
He make me kidding for height.
This makes me angry too.
Last year I just grew 1cm.
My father is 178cm. So when I stand with him, always look like kid. Ha...

I don't like being kid. And want to be a real man.. What should i do? ..
For my short height, blue jeans seems ridiculous for me.

My dream is have a nice fit body, stand with other males vertically. No look up.

But height is not under my control. Its destiny thing.
It makes me sad more.

What should i do or think then can throw this sad thinks? TT..


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  • learn comedy, if you can make people laugh they will always want to be around you.


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