Girls, Have your views on thongs changed since you started wearing them?

When did you first see a thong?

What did you think of it?

Was you curious about how it feels?

What did you think the first time you wore a thong?

Why did you wear it?

How often do you wear thongs?

Have your views on thongs changed?
First time I saw a thong was in gym class the girl next to me was wearing one lol
I thought wtf why would you want to wear that
I was slightly curious about how it feels haha
First time I wore a thong it was very uncomfortable but didn't have underwear lines so kept on wearing them
I wear them all the time now lol
Yes I used to think they were uncomfortable and weird looking but now I like them


Most Helpful Girl

  • - Maybe when I was like 11/12

    - I thought that it looked pretty bad and uncomfortable

    - Nope

    - Thought it was actually incredibly comfortable

    - Meh, wanted to try something different

    - Not often, I have more different styles of underwear and I just wear whatever I grab first so it's pretty rare

    - I suppose now I think they're way comfier than I thought they ere before I tried them


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What Girls Said 3

  • I never ever wear one cause I don't have one and I go to vs pink to ship for sweaters not thongs... but if you want a bigger looking but then go ahead

  • I thought it would feel weird, but it doesn't

    • Yeah me to
      Did you like it the first time you wore one?

  • 1- At the age of 8
    2- Where's the rest of it?
    3- Not really
    4- That I looked sexy
    5- For a party
    6- Only on special occasions (dates for example)
    7- Yeah I think they look good


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