Any girls have any DIY makeup tips?

I will confess I'm a cheapskate who likes to cheat MR Money making corporations.. I buy what I must for makeup (and I keep it simple...) but if I can make it or it can be used for more than one thing.. then that's waaay better for me, especially if it's more natural!

Anyone else have any special money saving and clever DIY makeup secrets?

I use baby powder mixed with cocoa for my setting powder and a tiny bit of lipstick below my cheek bones instead of all that contouring stuff that I'm too much of a cheap ass to buy.


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  • Girls spend a lot of time with makeup in front of the mirror or we’re paying high for excellent and homemade makeup. It’s all about trying to be beautiful. Here is some material that will make it easier and get better results!
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  • I don't know much about makeup, but my sister uses a mickey mouse hairband so her hair isn't in the way. That's basically all I've gathered


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