Can poor diet really cause wrinkles?


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  • A poor diet can make you age faster so you gets wrinkles earlier and you gets more of them. Both junk food, smoking, stress, alcohol, drugs etc. can give you more wrinkles. But so can sun exposure, genetics and regular aging too. Although you're healthy and have good genes you can still age and get some wrinkles, but usually you gets lesser of them. Aging happens to everybody who gets old.


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  • A bad diet can really lower the quality of your skin. What you put inside your body is reflected on the outside (junk food, smoking, stress, etc.).
    So I'd say that while wrinkles aren't directly created from a bad diet, a bad diet will promote the production of wrinkles at a faster pace and at a younger age

    • Well i dont have stress in m'y life, and Never once i smoked, drink or ever did drugs...

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    • So what's your usual diet like?

    • Well i Wake up pretty late like at 12 cause i sleep late, so i eat a lot of meat like chicken, steak, fish, and my seconed meal contains fruits and milk... then i have another glass of milk at night...

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  • Mostly sun exposure causes wrinkles.

  • Not that I have noticed. I am starting to think it's mostly genetics


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