How do you know if you're attractive?

It's all in the question.


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  • I wake up and I feel happy, or I got a lot of sleep. As long as I've gotten adequate amounts of sleep, nothing can bring me down and I feel wonderful.

    • Lucky. I wish all it took was sleep.

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    • Haha- it's just that missing sleep can make you gain weight

    • Never knew that. I learned something new. :D

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  • People tell you

    you know what pretty girls look like when they look you straight in the eye

    you look like famous people that everyone says is attractive

    women that you just met are suddenly making out with you

    your friends set you up on blind dates

    if a girl's not perfect then you tell her so in minute detail

    your life is sparkly, shiny and perfect

    and finally the number one reason you know you're attractive is:

    you don't have to ask

    • Dang. lol Well I look like Seth Rogen girls think he's cute.

    • He also has lots of money

  • Cause wherever you go in public...girls will take double takes and catch a glance of you. I mean it's not going to be obvious at first, but you'll see.

    However, you'll only be seen as attractive if you smile a lot as well.

  • like others said probably by noticing attention from girls. I think I'm average looking myself but the only thing you can do is be comfortable with yourself and improve your inner and outer self esteem.

  • You just know, trust me.