How to get rid of a blind pimple?!

I woke up with a pimple under the skin, so all I can see is this huge red bump on my forehead...i have an extremely important date there any way to make this less noticeable or go away by then? I need help!


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  • Do not pick at it. What so ever. Keep a hot/warm towel on it (or take a 15 minute hot shower) to help open it up. Chances are you won't be able to get rid of it right away, but you can dull the swelling and color.

    I tend to get these often (huuuge ones too.) and what I generally do is put some toothpaste (paste- not gel) on them for 10 or so minutes, take it off, apply some crushed up aspirin in lemon juice and then a ice cube.

    These tend to help get rid of redness and sometimes shrink them for me.

    Just whatever you do, do not poke and prod at it as it will make it worse. Hope this helps! Good luck. :D


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  • i went to a Dr and got a prescription to use...prevents them completely...and I got a second prescription for it they do show up you dab it on and it goes away within 30min


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  • wash a wash cloth under water as hot as you can stand it and press it against the pimple. that'll reduce the size of it