Who can solve my "hairdo crisis" ?

Hi ! I'm having a problem with my hair nowadays. For years I wanted straight hair and bangs just like the girls I looked up to. I went to the hairdresser and it took me some haircuts to find out the perfect type of bangs for my face. Eventually I had side-swept bangs. Because my hair was naturally wavy, I set my alarm early each and every day to straighten it. But that was high school, today I already have my bachelor's degree and things have changed. During those years in college, I noticed I didn't really want to staighten it that often anymore. I wanted long, healthy hair. I stopped straightening and blowdrying it. I also started hating my bangs. During that time, my hair grew a little, got healthier but as it was superthin, it naturally became straighter and it eventually stopped growing. The only thing I wanted was an easy hairstyle that would require the least amount of work to look amazing. But well... At this very moment, my bangs are non-existent, swept to the sides and on the top of my head I have no volume whatsoever. From below, I have A LOT of volume and that's weird. I feel unhappy because I've been to the hairdresser just one week ago. I was SO happy about the result, but I was so wrong.. I've washed it two times since I went to the hairdresser and it looks like a disaster now. I followed the tips he gave me but now my hairstyle just looks awkward. The amount of time I put into it just to look "okay" is way too long and it can't even handle the weather. The funny thing is, when I was at my hairdresser, I asked him if I should have bangs again. He told me that that was a bad idea but tbh, I had less work with the bangs than I'm having now.
I feel like such a crybaby to talk about this but I'm just a girl who wants to do the bare minimum and have beautiful hair. I'm not looking for any tips and products to use, I won't try/use them anyway.
Should I go back to the hairdresser and ask for another haircut, ask him to fix the old, go to another one, ... ?


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  • It is hard to advise you as I have no idea what the shape of your face is, but why not go to a wig shop and look for a nice style wig that suits you and try it out, if you like it then get the hairdresser to do it for you, also get to know your hairdresser, if he or she is only doing it for the paycheck then find someone else who can give you real advice and help, good luck.

    • The shape of my face is somewhere in between round and square. And about the wig... I don't know but I would rather just wake up, brush my natural hair and go out. There is nothing wrong with my hair nor is there anything wrong with people who prefer a wig but I would be over the moon if my natural hair would be easy and beautiful. And about my hairdresser... Well I've been going to him ever since I was allowed to have a hairdresser cut my hair. Over the years, he really gave me some awesome haircuts and that's why I always keep coming back. But I'm just so tired of the fact that it either looks like a disaster or it takes too much time. I just don't want to be the girly girl that spends an hour in the bathroom...

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    • Well that's beautiful but I don't think I have the guts to go that short. Besides that, I always wanted to have really long hair at least once in my life :/

    • There is no such thing as easy long hair, I am sorry to live up to my username Miss. Don't sweat about guts, maybe you need to shake things up (says the guy who hasn't shaved since 2012)

  • You want quick fix
    Go shave your head bald


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  • Your hair stopped growing due to the damage from the hair straightener. Stop using heat on your hair and stop going to the hairdresser that often. Allow your hair some time to breathe.


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