Question to people from the UK and USA about a hair removal product!!

OK so I have hairy arms and a chest and it makes me really uncomfortable and has really knocked my confidence levels to a point that makes me feel like I need to cover these areas up. the thing is, its just the hair that makes me insecure and I want to get rid of it! can people from the USA and UK help me out with this, I want to know of a possible store in the UK I could pick up the no!no! 8800 from or possibly online but preferably close.

link this is the first generation version of the product which I am able to buy through boots (a uk store) however it does not have the newer no!no! 8800 edition

link a video from youtube showing this product getting used. it seems authentic.

link - the product I want to buy however although it ships to the uk I'm not sure what measures I will need to take when buying it because I have never ordered from the usa before and I'm not quite sure what $250 translates into £



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  • Sounds like a home electrolysis kit and personally mate if you're buying it from the US, you're screwed anyway. We have a different voltage system so it wouldn't work over here.

    For starters I'd go to a salon and get electrolysis done properly rather than frying myself with a home kit. I'm sure the girls there have seen it all before and at least you know it'll work, instead of taking a chance with something you've seen online.

    • The reason I want this is because an electrolysis will be very costly that I doubt I can afford at the moment, the nono product that I'm looking at has been reviewed by authentic established media and seems quite genuine, even on boots the uk website that sells it, the customer reviews are excellent so I don't think its useless but the adapter problem is easy, I have an american/ uk adapter plug

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    • Thanks you and I appreciate the advice really its jsut that if their is a cheaper alternative to removing the hair that is safe ill do that and right now it seems that this product is the best option I can find. its supposedly very cheap because of how it uses a different kind of way of working, rather than a laser that targets melanin in the hair, it uses heat and can be used on all hair types and colours. its also battery powered so it only gets plugged for charge

    • There are some good epilators that you can buy as well. I know boots do them and I think you can even get them in tescos. They usually go for about ?25 or so. If you keep using them the hair grows back lighter or sometimes doesn't even grow back at all. Might be worth giving them a try first.

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  • I wax. Watch a video on-line and you can to. Doesn't hurt very much and is cheap. Lasts a long time. Don't trust expensive new products.

    • I have tried it twice. my chest hairs are quite thick and I ended up red raw from the wax, it was done correctly too and ended up growing back within the next few days. completely not worth it :(. this product is the second generation of its type so it isn't really new

  • why don't you order it online?

    • It doesn't state weather or not any costs will incur to ship to the uk and I have no idea how long it will take :(

    • Ok, store locater:

    • And deliver informations:

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  • You don't know how to convert 250 USD into pounds? You've never heard of a currency conversion website?

    I can't tell if this is a legitimate question or a product placement attempt.

    In the outside chance it's legitimate and you really want to get rid of your hair you should be waxing not shaving. Waxing will keep the hair off for longer and overtime result in you having less hair to get rid of.

    • Its a question I'm not advertising

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