What can I do to seem more attractive?

What can I do to look more attractive when I'm in school and walking through the halls and in class?

I try to smile more but I can't cause its school.


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  • I think its all in your head.

    As long as YOU feel more attractive doing whatever your doing, then that's great. If a girl doesn't find you attractive, screw them, its not the end of the world.

    But I do know one thing that helps other guys in need. Walking like own the place, where ever you go. Walk like you got places to be and you don't have time for people who don't matter. And wear something that makes you feel good...

    Of course, "Doing this" and "Doing this with meaning" are 2 different things. Its takes a lot of practice mentally, but its all good once you get it going.

    Believe in yourself...

    • FYI: You're talking to a girl not a guy. But some of your advice is applicable. Confidence and comfort are a very important part to looking like a happy person. And happy people are more attractive, it's a fact.

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  • I know this is kinda weird but I always play a song up in my head like sing it, an upbeat power attitude-ish song ha ha and then I just like walk to it, I always LOOK up, kinda past people and have kinda a soft look on my face and if anyone makes eye contact with me I just smirk or give a cute smile ha ha :)

    • You make your face look soft? I would love to learn how to make my face soft and hard just by flexing a muscle... q:

      P.S. Looking up and being confident is great advice. People who stare at their feet do not give off positive vibes. Remember you want your body to project "I'm hot" not "I hate myself". Don't stare at guys passing you though. When people feel like they went unnoticed, they have more of a desire to be noticed. So just ignore everyone in the hall. It's just you. And you're hot.

    • Well gentle look on my face ha ha and thanks :)

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