Is it bad that I wear pajamas 247 and that my hair is messy?

So am not ugly or anything like that, I have been told am very handsome but should stop wear pjs and do something with my hair. Is their a problem with wearing pjs 247? As for my hair.. I been meaning to get it done but can't find anyone who knowns how to do my hair typle. I just find a frend who may be able to do my hair for me but I love my pjs. I hate pants, I only like sweats, pjms juggers and dress pants.


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  • Nah, I mean u should probably go out more but girls like chill guys. The pajama thing isn't a prob at all but girls do like when guys have good hair


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  • No it not a bad thing, but u might want to change it up a bit , so it not pj 247 but pj are so comfy.

    • What else can I. wear tha ya comft?

    • Something that shows the type of person u are. Just add a little flavor to ur clothes that all but make sure ur still comfy about it.

  • No, but the fact that you never happen to go out, can be a bit unhealthy.

    • I sorry lol I do go out

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    • Very. few things. are. comfortable formw

    • For me n still looking for my own style

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