Designer vintage fashion ideas? The real stuff, not the "retro" style sold at the GAP! :)

I'm bored with my clothes. I'm in a bohemian kinda mood (is that the right word?) and I want to add some vintage clothes or something else unique. I figure vintage never goes out of style completely which will save me a few humiliating run-ins with my fashion savvy freneemies. (I like mock turtlenecks, red lipstick and hair scrunchies - sue me!)

I like the clothes that are classic but colorful but I have only seen them on people, never in a store. I'm not shy but I feel like an idiot walking up to a stranger and asking where they got their outfit.

So, any girls on here wear the cool urban-vintage styles? Where should I shop? Any tips for accessories and stuff?

Without help, I'm gonna look like a kid playing dress-up in her grandmother's attic.

Thank you!


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  • I like vintage too. I find most of my stuff at thrift stores. It takes a lot of hunting, but I've found some cool stuff. I love 50s purses (I have way too many). Just don't buy certain items from thrift shops that can't really be cleaned, you know. If you're any good at sewing you could also make your own clothes. I've done that too. Buy a vintage pattern and update it with current fabric trends. Or you can even modify vintage items you find (or make your own patterns from thos items). Make sure that you have a nice mix of vintage and modern fashion pieces, that way you won't look like you're playing dress-up. You can also try doing a web search and get ideas for outfits.


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  • A good mix of vintage and updated color and fashion is Betsey Johnson, check the line out.


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  • Vintage fashion is tricky. I think part of the magic of people wearing it is the effort you know they took to find it! I totally agree with the first girl too, going to thrift stores but you have to be picky and make sure you can get the clothes dry cleaned or wash them at home or whatever.

    At least with thrift stores you can assume the clothes are actually vintage fashion (not so much designer though). When you search for like vintage dresses or vintage style fashion then you get a bunch of prom dress sites - what's up with that? Or, at least I usually do.

    But anyway, my suggestions are Etsy (handmade stuff) and Modcloth. I don't wear much vintage but my friends tell me those are good places.

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