How can you get rid of split ends?

I'm looking into ways to completely get rid of split ends. For the past few years I turned into a bit of a wild woman and I didn't cut my hair once. It went from being a pixie cut to all the way down past my hips. I love how long my hair is, but the split ends really ruin it. The are all the way up to my scalp, the friz is real!

I cut almost half the length off, and it has really helped. It looks less frizzy at the tips but I have a million flyaways everywhere. I've tried all sorts, but most of the info I can find is about how to prevent split ends and it's way too late for that!

Any tips, tricks, or advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

How can you get rid of split ends?


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  • A split end cannot be mended... regardless of allllll the bogus stuff people feed you trying to make you buy their products... a split end is a split end... you cut it off... and simply try to prevent it from splitting again...

    A rip in a hair strand causes split ends..

    Combing wet hair causes split ends.
    Dying your hair causes split ends. (Especially light colors)
    Combing tangled hair causes split ends
    Straightening or heating tools cause split ends..

    You just have to take care of not ripping the hair and not
    damaging it...

    But you cannot cure a split end unless you cut it... and if you cut it and don't take care of it, chances are, you're gonna have that hair split again... also, the scissors you use have to be in good condition, cause scissors too can cause more split ends.

    Even the highest most expensive "split end repair" product cannot mend a split end... a split end is split forever.

    Focus on making hair stronger by avoiding shampoos that contain "sodium laureth sulfate" especially if it's at the beginning of the ingredients... that's just a lot of salt that makes the shampoo foam up like crazy to make the consumer think it's "really" working, but it's just drying out your hair,,, which can make it more prone to breakage..

    You need a thick conditioner, the thicker the better for your hair.. .. don't comb wet hair and don't overheat or pull rubber bands off and such... eat a healthy diet and take multivitamins with biotin to help hair get stronger.. don't tie hair in tight buns and don't wear hair up too long and if there's a lot of wind don't let hair out too long... lol

    Anyway a split end, once split cannot magically become unsplit.. but you can try to prevent future split ends by making hair stronger and avoid ripping it.. we rip hair all the time without realizing it...😱!!

    • Thanks for all this! I will keep all of this in mind for the future, basically, don't do anything or it will break my hair!
      I've done a really good job of looking after my hair, I get away with only washing it once a month with a homemade shampoo (coconut oil and a few other goodies) and I don't use any heat like hair dryers. I mostly just have them from both not brushing my hair as often as I should so when I do brush it, it's full of knots.
      I do realise it's impossible to fix a dead end, I was more looking for a technique that can help me cut them off without having to shave all my hair off. At the moment I have been taking about half an hour a week to just snip any I see with some pro hair dressing scissors. It's getting better, it is just a slog and the results are hardly noticeable.

    • Haha well yes!

      But anyway the strongerhe hair, the less likely it will break so easily... thus less split ends.
      So we all need to keep our hair as strong as possible!!

      I have no tips on how to cut them all off without cutting most of it off if it's too damaged... if it's not too damaged, then it shouldn't be so complicated to just cut the tips off... some people use nail clippers, but I've no idea if that is even good method for that... or maybe layers.. but I tend to think that can make the edge more susceptible to damage... but that's just my opinion 😁🤷🏼‍♀️!!

    • Shaving Is Useless if You're Not not Gonna Get Your Roots Strong and Further avoid Split Ends and Other Trouble. Consult a Nutritionist - THE Appropriate food Might Just Be The Solution. Your Hair Looks Good In The Picture.

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  • Yeah there's nothing you can do now except try and take good care of your hair in the future. Get regular trims, use a shampoo without sulfates, be careful when brushing your hair

  • Trim the edges once a month

  • cut it off

  • I am sorry, but all you can do is keep cutting it. Make sure you pamper your hair by making avocado & oil masks. Also, get some oils like grapeseed, avocado, olive and coconut oil. They will not treat the split ends, but they will prevent your hair from getting even more split ends.


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