Insecurities, how do you deal with them?

My current interest was telling me the things he loves about me which includes my stomach which I'm extremely insecure about and he hates that I even dislike anything about myself or that I question how could he like me. Not fat just more of a pudge but he likes it because he could lay on it whatever.
I get approached by guys often... usually because they really want to have sex. Hell I even get begged for sex but it doesn't happen.
fave wise I think I'm 5 on a 1-10 scale and I don't know how to make myself feel better you know?
i don't carry myself like the easy access girls but I don't get why I'm never approached for a relationship and have the hardest time believing anyone wants anything but sex.

I've always been the homegirl so that's what I'm good at being. I've had female friends that would point out my flaws any time we were around guys and I never understood why because I never did things like that to them and they usually always got the attention so why make comments about something with me?


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  • Positive affirmations! I used to be so insecure but have basically trained myself to love myself. You, of all people, deserve your love. I had to stop comparing myself to others and accept myself. There is no one else in the world that can do a better job of being you so don't waste your originality trying to be someone else. Trying to be someone or something else is such a waste of what and who you are. Find things you like about yourself and wake up in the morning talking to yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself that you love yourself and accept yourself 100%. If there is something that you are so badly insecure about like a little belly pinch you can always exercise to make yourself a little more satisfied. But do it for you, not for someone else. You're beautiful. Never forget that. Try to throw away all negative images you have of yourself.


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  • Focus on the good. Everyone has insecurities. I dont think anyone loves 100% of their body/personality but you just have to be positive and appreciate what you've got.

    Ignore people who put you down, and feel sorry that they have to do that to make themselves feel better.

    Men who seek you for sex do so because they want sex. Its no reflection of your worth or character. We just live in a society where a lot of people want shallow connections with others.

  • Instead of focusing on things you dislike about yourself, try to focus on things you *do* like/are proud of. Besides, there's always the possibility to change - if you're insecure about your stomach, you can work out a little. If you aren't content with the way you dress, find some inspiration and buy some dope new clothes. But most importantly, try to surround yourself with people who love you and support you - a lot of insecurities are just in your head and being around awesome and loving people can often help you realize that and move on. Stay strong, bet you can do it. 🌸

  • The girls were jealous. You must love yourself. It all starts and ends with you. Tc

    • That's what I never got. Of what? I've always been just the friend so I just laugh and joke and she would always be the flirty one that had relationship after relationship or just attention from guys in general and I wouldn't. I'd be sitting minding my own business and she'd randomly bring me into conversation but only to point out my flaws while flirting with them and I never got why. Hell when I see her she still makes little comments

    • What I said before still applies, look within and know you're enough

  • By being logical, not overthinking

  • You stop caring!


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