Why do girls have such a superficial outlook on what is "fun"?

its like "ohh nice guys don't party, or treat me bad... they're boring"

its like... just appreciate a quality guy for who he is and go spend some time with him and have fun together with whatever you go out and do! its not hard... I can spend time with just about anyone and have fun with them. so why do girls have to be with a idiot that gets intoxicated at a party or that treats them wrong to have "fun"?

its ridiculous to see girls calling good guys boring when they don't even give them a shot to prove themselves or have that superficial outlook on what a "good time" is... :/


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  • I think people mostly are trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Everybody has some little quirks and their own idea of fun (for example: I love playing with Legos and other toys designed for those much younger than I, doodling on anything within reach, D&D-style games, and Wikipedia), but the problem is that we can't tell, just by looking at you or by small talk, whether you share those interests or would find them boring. I, for one, am always afraid of being judged too nerdy or too square to associate with, so I never bring this stuff up unless I'm with people I already know and trust. As a result, I probably do appear boring.

    On the other hand, things like partying and drinking are appealing at least on some level to a whole lot of people (not to mention that alcohol tends to make me more social, so I'm having a better time, even if the people around me are sober), so it's easier to use that as a commonality and a starting point for a friendship or other relationship.

    I'm not sure if I answered your question very well or in the spirit in which it was asked, but these are my thoughts. Hope I shed some light on something.


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