Was it wrong for me to ask her to cut my nails for me?

I few weeks ago I fell and broke my right arm.
My nails grow really fast, and have already grown way too long for my liking, but I can't cut my nails on my left hand because of my cast.
So I asked a friend from my college course if she would cut them for me, but she made a really weird face, like it was disgusting.
Was I stepping over the line by asking her?
would you do it if someone asked you to?


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  • She is not a friend of yours then. She is what I'd call a playmate - someone who will hang out with you to have a good time. When you need help they will never want to help you at all.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd do it to help you


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  • Not stepping over the line. You had a cast on. I'd do it.


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