Hair styles without using heat.

I had braids in my hair for about a year, every couple of months I would take them out and do them over again. Ever since I took the braids out I have been putting heat to my hair, so what styles can I try without applying heat to my hair?


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  • try braidouts. braid your hair at night before going to bed and undo it in the morning and reveal soft waves. you might wanna wet your hair with setting lotion before braiding

  • I have extremely curly frizzy hair so I used to use a flat iron in my hair all the time. But I found it was ruining my hair. Now I usually add some anti frizz and curl defying hairspray to it when its wet. I find that my hair looks a lot healthier now. I recommend just keeping your hair the way it naturally is its a lot healthier for it and it will be a lot less damaged :)

    • That's what I tried today (wearing it naturally), but it did not work for me lol. I will give it another shot tomorrow to see how it works out.