Girls, do you prefer to have small or big boobs and why?


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  • As long as they remain perky I don't think it matters..

    I'd say Middle! Because big will sag and small well, it's not too feminine... middle is nice! Perky in any case is best.

    • well big nones seem to be very painful

    • And?

      How is that relevant to what is asked or what I said?

      Anyway!!! Girls with gigantic boobs need to do a lot of back exercises to keep the back strong.. The stronger the back, the more you can carry... common sense!!! Anyway!! Whatever size, as long as they are perky, they tend to look nicest!! But big boobs will mostly sag, and droopy boobs are not something I'd like to have... only time big boobs are perky is if they are fake... and if they are fake they tend to look unattractive in my opinion, and will sag anyway after some time if they don't get redone.. 💁🏼!!

    • you are right, age is harmful when it comes to big boobs. and yes i gues women with enormous boobs train to carry thembut still they are somewhat uncomfortable.

      by the way... how big are yours?

  • Big. By big I mean around DDs, which I already have. I like how my body looks with them so I wouldn't change. If I had to, I'd go up a size.

    • would not it be uncomfortable?

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    • You only get back pain if your body can't handle the weight. Usually, it happens for the really big sizes like F and up. Or if you're a really really small girl with anything bigger than, say, Ds.

    • OK so god bless big boobs then haha

  • In between. I like boobs that obviously stands out but not too much. The right size for a petit-but curvy body.


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