Ladies, what do you think of these shorts?

Besides just stating the name of them.

Who do you think uses them the most?

What are some other uses for them?

In what situation would you wear them in your life?

What do you think of people who have worn them in public?Ladies, what do you think of these shorts??


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  • little hot pants.
    wouldn't be wearing them at my age, maybe for my husband only. used to wear hot pants in my early 20s. Kylie Minogue made them popular again.


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  • Ngl when I saw them I legit thought that was underwear LOL. Ok so you're questions.
    1. I'm in high school and we kinda have a dress code so no one wears that at school... but outside of school like at parties or at the pool. I know at college parties some girls wear denim shorts of that length.
    2. Other uses... well I'd wear them around my house as lounge wear.. or pjs lol because I don't like wearing long pants to sleep.
    3. Well... I'm a Christian so I wouldn't wear those shorts out in public that much tbh... maybe I'd wear them to the pool or beach... most likely if I'm at home I'll wear it.
    4. I mean... I see girls around my age,16, or a year or two older wearing denim shorts that length, and I don't know, if your butt is hanging out my friends and I will be like... umm grosss? Like I don't know I've seen girls wear worse but my friends and I think it's kinda inappropriate, especially for a teen, to wear shorts with their butt hanging out. At college parties girls wear that stuff too... I don't know I'd never wear them out for fear of sexual harassment, I've had it happen to me a lot and I'm fully clothed, so yeah. When I see them I'm like well I wouldn't wear it, but she made the choice so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • That's underwear. Not shorts. I'd wear them with nothing on top to bed. That's it. If they're worn in public, I'd expect the person to be at the beach or something.

  • They show a lot of cheek, haha. I don't think i would wear them in public unless I wanted a lot more stares from people. I already get a lot of stares with what I wear now anyway

  • I probably wouldn't wear them. Fine with anyone else who would, though.

  • yes, I like it. I have more color too.

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