Do you only have to bleach your arms once, or do you have to do it often?

I just bleached mine and I want to know how soon it'll be if I have to do them again. Or if I don't ever need to do them again at all.


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  • Why not just wax your arms every once in a while? Promise it doesn't even hurt much. It'll be better results than lightening the hairs.


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  • why would you bleach your arms in the first place?

    • Read the other replies to the other people who asked lol (it's my choice and I prefer to bleach them over shave them)

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    • you have answered that you dont like your arm hair because it is dark, thick and very visible
      key point being: you do not like how you look

      you have then learned that most people dont care a single bit about arm hair or how visible it is
      but you still want it removed!

      basically it boils down to that your issue is not so much that you have hair on your arm, but the fact you care too much about how it looks. you have developed some strange 'ideal' in your head that you must adhere to, regardless of what people say.

      this is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder and you should probably get help for that

    • Uh I don't think I have that, idc if people see it or if it's "socially acceptable"... also I don't avoid social situations I'm legit the most social person ever😂 ... I just simply dislike the look of arm hair. Just like some people dislike hair on their legs or armpits of whatever. It's preference really idc if people accept it or not

  • Why would you bleach your arms?

    • Because I have very dark and thick hair for a girl and I didn't like how visible it was

  • Why would you want to bleach your arms?

    • I already did because my arm hair is very dark and visible, and I didn't like it.

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    • Ok its your choice but be safe

    • Ok thank you

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