I need info on how to dye my hair red velvet?

i can't manage to find a dye that is permanent or at least cheap enough to retouch every once in a while.

here's an example of how I want it

please give me some advice on how to get it to that part. I have right now dark brown hair with a hint of red in it. so someone please help me



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  • Does your hair have any dye in it right now? If it does, you'll have to bleach it, which will damage it a lot.

    If your hair does NOT have dye in it, you can go to a drugstore and get a lighter color of permanent red hair color than what you want, and use that.

    Feria Reds works well, but is damaging. You can use a less damaging brand like Garnier, but it won't come out as bright.

    If you want red or bust, then just go to sally's beauty supply and get some bleach with a developer (ask then or read the instructions), bleach out your hair, and get some red color they have there to put on over it. Manic panic doesn't work as well imho.

    Hair color is all about experimentation, and it can definitely damage your hair, make it dry, frizzy, etc. If you don't care, then go for it. If you are worried, then go to a professional and show them a pic of what you want.

    Otherwise just get little red clip in extensions to put in for fun.

    • Really manic panic isn't good?

      i heard it was the best even though you have to retouch

      i was thinkin of using "vampire red"

      i mean it's the closest. send me some links on what you might recommend... cause I really wanna dye my hair that colour

    • I like special effects better. The color is more saturated and stays in longer. To get good effects with manic panic, your hair has to be bleached almost white which fries it.

      If you live near a sally beauty supply, they have tons of red colors to choose from there. Go in and tell them what you want and they can help you.

    • Ok I think I'll do tht :)

  • why would you want to dye your hair that colour? haha, sorry, just wondering...