Wear a shirt under a pullover? ?

So I'm going to wear a pullover sweater to my boyfriends, it's fairly thin and large for me. I don't typically wear it with anything underneath, other than my bra but I don't know if thats weird.
  • Wear it with a tank/shirt under
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  • It's fine by itself
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What Guys Said 1

  • it's funny you think you have a boyfriend, under 18

    • Of course people have boyfriends when they're under 18! Sorry but this is ridiculous. Maybe your culture or upbringing or your belief in the meaning of the word is different? People can be in long term serious relationships and legally have sex under 18 where I live anyway.

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    • I'm 17 so it's not like I'm 12. I'm 18 in literally a few months. So yes, I think have a boyfriend.

    • hahahaha, that's TOO FUNNY

What Girls Said 2

  • I know some people who only wear a bra with one. I'd personally wear it with something underneath but that's just my preference. Also if it's fairly thin I dunno if it's see through? Or if ur boyfriend lives on his own etc, might be worth considering.

    • It's not see thought it's just thin like a long sleeve shirt.

  • yeah wear one


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