Is it OK for a man to look at a women when dating?

Is it OK when a man is looking at women on the internet when he is dating someone. I'm asking this question because I have a man and he wants to do that. He also says that a trophy wife is someone who looks like a UFC fighter and a WWE fighter. Please I need help. Is that OK. I'm scared that he might not like me.


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  • Every time I read sh*t like this, I reminds me of how awesome I really am. I do none of these stupid things.

    • I know. That's a good thing that you don't do it. A girl is lucky that they don't have to deal with that. I'm happy for you? You will make a girl happy

  • Sounds like he need to grow up. Though your concern about this is perhaps too much. Technically if your just dating that means he can look else where as well unless you two have an understanding that you are dating each other exclusively. Then he should drop his searching. It should go without saying that married or engaged this is a must. But also consider if he is still looking now while dating it might not leave him for quite a while.

    • Well I understand but when he does this to me. Does that mean that he even likes me. I mean when I say I don't like it when he does it and I wanna wait till I look like those girls and I say " I love you" and he says I love you so much that I would want you to jump off the bridge? Please I love him so much and I want him to be happy with me, what do I do to make that happen?

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