Pretty brown eyes for a new look?

hey girls,

school is coming up soon and I want a new look. what do you brown eyed girls do to make your eyes stand out and look beautiful?


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  • I like to go simple with the makeup to kinda give it a glowy look for school (to help look like a natural godess). I take a gold eye shadow and just dust around the eye lid (not around the brow area, all the way up there). highlight with white shadow the tear duct (very lightly and only in the little corner, other wise you look kinda funny if it is really white), and under the brow bone (again very lightly). skip the eye liner and go straight for the mascera. only one coat though and make sure to use a lash brush to make sure that the lashes don't stick together.

    I don't really like all the layers of eye shadow and stuff for school so I like to go very simple with only one color and a highliter, the gold is what has worked best with brown eyes, so that is what I sugest, it is not gold glitter though just gold shadow, so it makes it luminous not sparkly.

    hope this helps.


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  • i have orange-brown eyes. I use a lot of gold shimmer eye shadows, lilac/ amethyst tone colours near my baseline or eye lash line, I use eye liner, I use fake eyelashes sometimes and browns/ beiges look good with brown eyes as well. you can usually get a pallet with all colors, I do get a pallet from clinique and they have one for brown eyes.

  • I'm a brown eyed girl and I get complimented on my eyes ALOT,by girls and guys(yes straight guys)

    Stick to Blues,Purples and Browns(Copper,gold etc) when it comes to eyeshadow.Avoid applying eyeshadow on the whole eye lid,stick to smudging it against the black eyeliner.

    Accentuate the eyes by applying a thin line of eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids.

  • just remember that some colors just don't work well with certain skin tones. for example, sometimes people who look better in silver jewelry than gold don't look very good in pale pinks. SOMETIMES, not always. so just use your judgment to pick the best colors for yourself =]

  • pink tones

    gold/bronze tones

    navy eyeliner

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