Being skinny and ugly?

A lot of people feel like they're ugly because they're a bit overweight and they correlate being fat with being ugly. And a lot of men won't date big girls but if the big girl loses weight, she becomes pretty and more guys want to date her. This is not my case though. I've always been skinny. Very slim. But I've always been called unattractive. So while girls talk about their insecurities and how they feel so ugly because they're bigger, I can't help to think that all these girls have to do is lose weight and the world would treat them different. They would get more validation. For me, I'm slim but I've always been considered unattractive. So the question is, am I hopeless?


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  • Well look on the bright side. You can eat all the shit you want while the normal/fat people would actually have to take into account what they shove into their mouth and count calories and the like. Plus you will always be able to look down and see your toes.


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