Girls, Black leggings girls like this, which of these best describes?

If you're 1 of these girls who wears those fitted black leggings and ALWAYS keeps a poker face on a player when he comes up to you to try to run game by ignoring it and not looking down so his jaw won't drop and he can run game on you... when they can't ignore it, their jaw does drop hard and they look up, unable to break through your poker face, which best describes what you think the moment u see his eyes go down, unable to ignore it and realize you're gonna win easily against him?
  • I'm not 1 of these girls/I am, but haven't had players try that on me/I am and have, but they have ignored it every time
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  • I am, and I have. I feel bad for him, that his willpower lost against me in these like this
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  • I am and I have. Mad, that he's a creep and getting exactly what he deserves
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  • I am and I have. Annoyed that he even tried that on me. There's a REASON I wear these and keep my face straight.
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  • I am and I have. Smug, glad he can't defeat me in these or get through my poker face
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  • I am and I have. Cocky, hoping he learns a lesson against us girls like this, hoping his ego hits rock bottom
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  • I am and I have. :) HAHA! I want to see his jaw drop, and face cringe, JERK!
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  • Why do you keep asking the this same scenario...


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