Guys, what little things do girls wear?

or do with their makeup that you like? Girls, any tips?

i'm a brunette, with green hazel eyes .. they change with what I'm wearing and I've had the same style for a while and I'm looking to change up my look a bit, I'm starting to get into a lot of color and I'm 5'6" 125 pounds, what do you think would flatter me the most?


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  • I'm sure every guy will have their own opinion, but what really gets my attention is dyed hair. A deep, Paramore red or just a streak of pink is always a plus. A nose or special ear piercing on a girl who looks like a goody-two-shoes is also pretty cute - it hints at a rebellious side that's not as straight edge as the rest of their look comes off as.

    In terms of apparel I think wearing what makes you look good is most important. But there are some things that can definitely turn my head. If you go preppy you can rock a dress shirt under a sweater, which gives you a chance to express that colorful side of yours. Depending on your body structure this can look really good. Plaid is always an option; you can take the more outrageous colors and subdue them with pattern so they don't overwhelm.

    • I actually have a small nose piercing, but I do get lots of comments about it from guys, thanks!

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